Update 2/18/2004: Like so many open source projects, Empris has fallen into disrepair. It no longer functions with newer version of PHP. The project is now focused on serving the needs of OCAA rather than maintaining Empris as a general tool. Any and all are welcome to download the code and update it. Should I find the time in the future I may release and updated version, but it is not currently a high priority.

The Emergencies Personnel Information System is a platform and database independent method for receiving job or volunteer applications online and subsequently evaluating, indexing, searching and managing them. It was and is being developed for Oxfam Community Aid Abroad Australia to facilitate the Humanitarian Relief Register. For sourcecode, downloads, and further information please visit the project page at SourceForge


Specifically, Empris was developed as an online method of receiving applications to the Humanitarian Relief Register and subsequently manage them. More generally it provides a means for any organization to receive applications (for anything), evaluate and manage them.

System Requirements

That's it.
Note that Empris has really only been tested on Redhat Linux systems running MySQL and PostgreSQL as of 8/2001. Other configurations are sure to require tweaking, but that's what open source is all about.


You can download the latest version from here. Click the pink one.


It's a beta release so you're gonna have some. Do us all a favor and stop by the project page at SourceForge: and post your experiences in the bugs, feature requests, or public forum section. At this point in development I'd be interested to hear even the most trivial of comments. If you're shy just send me an e-mail directly at my sourceforge address.


If you would like Empris customized for your particular needs feel free to email me. Depending on the nature of your organization, I can offer customization on a volunteer or consulting basis.


More documentation soon to come

-Adam Thomas
Aug 11, 2001

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